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Fitness platform for Pro-Athlete Trainers

Morpheus is a company started by Joel Jamieson, a world renowned expert on recovery-driven conditioning and performance who has helped dozens of teams in NFL, NBA, US Navy Seals and many more. The goal of this project was to create a cross-platform experience for  Trainers and Fitness Professionals. This includes Wearable devices, Tablets, Gym TVs and Mobile phones.

How might we personalize the Fitness Training experience for Trainers and Professional Athletes to train smarter and more efficiently?

Design Problems

Cross-Platform Experience

Create a consistent and seamless cross-platform experience across all user touchpoints.

Data Visualization

Design to make data easy to consume, interpret and actionable.

Athlete-Coach Interaction

Create seamless interactions between the coach and athlete to enhance the training experience.

Desirability and Delight

Make it look awesome and high-end for 2030, and beyond.

Team Members

Mark N (Designer), Venessa D (PM), Developers and Stakeholders.

My Roles

Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping and Animations, User Research, Usability Testing.


Jan 2020 - May 2020    |    5 Months

The Product Ecosystem

4 platforms, 1 design system

Apple TV
The Live Television experience for Coaches and Trainees during Live workout sessions for tracking and monitoring their Heart Rate Variability and intensity zones.
The iPad experience for coaches to monitor their trainees and asses their Recovery prior to and post workout.
iPhone / Android App
Another platform For coaches to review data on the fly. The Mobile App for Trainees already existed and the goal was to inform some of those designs in the future
For tracking the athlete’s Sleep, Recovery and Heart Rate Variability.


Personas were already documented by our client. Here's a quick summary about who we were designing for.

Group Trainer

My style is all about group trainings. I like seeing my students draw from each others' energy and push themselves to their limits. My live sessions are exhilarating and yet customized for people based on their sleep and recovery. I need to identify those who can push harder versus those that have bad recovery for the most effective workout.

Personal Trainer

I train the world's top athletes who deserve a lot of attention. I create the best personalized fitness plans for them, analyze their performance carefully and make adjustments. It's imperative that I know everything about their day-to-day exercise, sleep and recovery to strive for high performance and perfection.

Class live mode

Scheduled classes with calendar view

Pre-class data of athletes

Athlete's recovery, sleep, activity, training and HRV data.

User groups to manage gym members of different physical proficiencies and classes

Alerts that can be filtered

Recovery data for a specific time period

Live Athlete Data

User groups interactions



Usability Testing and Iterations

Organizing data and presenting information through progressive disclosure was an interesting challenge. Fitness data was one of the key screens and went through a series of iterations, usability testing to nail down the experience for Professional Coaches.

A: Tabs

Tabs were the simplest interaction pattern to categorize related information, and separate dissimilar information with progressive disclosure.

B: Panels

Panels were efficient and worked well for comparison of the overview and the granular details since they retained the context at all times.

C: Blocks

Blocks allowed for progressive disclosure and deep-dive into specific data points and preserved the integrity of the data with respect to date filters.

The Verdict: Option C performed better than all others. Coaches liked the ability to view the overview at a glance without distraction and the ability to dive into details when necessary.

The Design System

Prototype and Animations

The animations were made using Principle for ease to depict the interactions for the development team.

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