Document Management Tool

A document management and court reporting tool for Attorneys

In 2018, DTI Global were losing customers to one of their competitors. Despite being the world's largest Legal Services company, there was a gap in their offering and this small entry point was capitalized on by their competitor leading to Millions in losses for DTI. We were hired to fix this problem.

How might we help attorneys organize millions of documents for Court Reporting?

Key Goals

Increase Customer Retention

Creating a high-end welcoming experience.

Recapture UK Market

Creating a high-end welcoming experience.

Penetrate US, Europe, Aus, Asia

Creating a high-end welcoming experience.

Get to Market in 1 year

Target US, Australia and parts of Asia post UK release.

Deliver profits in 1.5 years

Launch a product to bring profitability 6 months after launch.

Automate Legal Workflows

Create a match between system and real world, or make it better.

Team Members

Marc W (UX Director), Jessie C (Designer), Isaac C (Designer), 10+ Developers, 20+ Stakeholders.

My Roles

Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping and Animations, User Research, Usability Testing.


Nov 2016 - Feb 2018    |    1+ Year

A quick preview...

Sometimes the best way to convince a team of developers to agree to build a feature is by doing it for them. Here's a prototype I created using Framer JS and some native JavaScript. The result was some code that could be used in actual production. The final version of course was slightly different due to limitations encountered with the existing technical architecture.

Key Results

Here are some estimated results delivered through this project.







Market Growth




1 Month Revenue




Savings / Case


Months To Market




Hours Saved / Case

Document Management

Manage millions of documents in folders.

Bundle Index

Create volumes of bundles for court reporting

Hyperlink Analysis

Analyze related documents to identify relationships


View and manage audio and video transcripts

Annotate Documents

Add notes, highlights and tags

Compare Documents

View documents and transcripts side by side for comparison

Quick Preview

Preview documents before you open them for ease of recognition.

Cross-Case Notifications

Notifications across multiple cases in one place

“Are we solving the right problems
before solving the problems right?”

A look into how we got there...

Here's a look at how I documented a roadmap based on interviewing stakeholders to paint the vision for the team. I also conducted contextual observations and interviews with Site Managers to better understand their needs from which the Personas and User Stories were derived. All the insights that were gathered were then converted into meaningful, actionable User Stories sets that were then designed through Agile sprints.


We used surveys to collect quantitative data from the US, UK, Australia, Europe and parts of Asia. If you're reading this and you're working on a project requiring User Research with lawyers, good luck with setting up an interview with them!


Personas came after interviews, surveys and distillation of stakeholder knowledge.

Story Map

A Story Map with all the User Stories derived from the Research process.

Object Oriented UX (OOUX)

I helped create roadmaps based on Design Thinking, with the intention of failing fast and iterating quickly.


The team created hundreds of wireframes for early usability testing, fast failure and iterations. Here's a small snapshot.

Product Roadmaps

I helped create roadmaps based on Design Thinking, with the intention of failing fast and iterating quickly.